Some Touristy Stuff

Friday 29 June, The Tower and the Dungeon

We caught the tube to the Stray Travel office to pick up our tickets, where they'd just installed a very groovy new coffee machine - we were the first (ever) to get a drink... I feel so special! :-) Then on to the half-price ticket booth, where I got large slices of pizza and we got tix for Phantom - Kate had never seen it before. And then to the second touristy thing - the Tower of London.

The Tower was interesting - lots of kings and queens and other interesting historical people have been killed there in all sorts of gory ways (this is where Richard III killed his little nephews - a moment etched in the memories of all Shakespeare buffs) - but after Dover Castle, it seemed a bit average. This might be because it was all a bit touristy and commercial and sanitised. There were no Deadly Spiral Staircases here - or if there were, the public liability people had them well hidden from public view. The chapel was pretty though. And the Beefeater guide was worth the price of admission.

But the best bit of the Tower was going through the weapons & armour rooms - Kate is a bit of a Dungeons & Dragons fan, so she was chuffed to see all the pikes and maces and all kinds of sharp metal killing things. And we got a photo of me next to a suit of armour that was built for some dead king who was supposedly seven feet tall. It was kinda cool.

Last touristy thing for the day was the London Dungeon, a spooky tour of gore and blood, culminating in a short water ride and a Jack the Ripper recreation. It was a sort of a Night Train theme park (for those of you who know Night Train), and not nearly as tacky as I feared it might be. After which, we stopped home for warmer clothes and another supermarket Chicken Pita Thing, and we were off to the theatre.

Well, it was Phantom, but it wasn't as great as the pro show I saw in Adelaide. The two lead boys in particular were a bit ordinary - the Phantom himself is meant to be dark, brooding, powerful... but he came across as a bit wet. Oh well, should have gone to Noises Off.