Home at Last

Saturday 21 July, Sydney to Home

We woke up just before we touched down in Sydney, and headed off the plane to find food. We ate at the only Burger King in Australia, in the Sydney International terminal (all the others in Australia are called Hungry Jack's), and managed to resist disembowelling two bratty little kids who desperately deserved it.

The shuttle bus from the International to the Domestic airport was fun - we got a tour through all the innards of the airport that you usually don't get to see - and we got on the little plane to take us for the short hop back to Adelaide. It was only when we were on this last plane that I realised that the stewards were speaking in an Australian accent - it was so nice to hear!

And then we were home, with all kinds of family members there to meet us, and take us out to coffee, and hear the stories, and get very jealous. And to hear us planning our next trip - maybe to the continent, or maybe just back to Ireland or England, to spend more time there...


We shall see. For now, though, we're just happy to be home, sweet home.