Pooh Bear and friends

Wednesday 18 July, Charing to London

After breakfast and a shower (in a dry, clean bathroom - what bliss) Jane and Bonnie took Kate and myself to the area where A A Milne lived and wrote. The shop at Pooh Corner had a Tigger tie-pin for me and salt-and-tigger shakers for Kate, and we had lunch at the Honey Pot across the road, before wandering through Hundred Acre Wood to find Pooh-Sticks Bridge.

The walk there took about twenty minutes through some very pretty woods, past some horses in a field, and down some narrow paths to the little river and its famous bridge. A few games of Pooh-sticks and a few photos later, we started the walk back to the car and the drive back to Charing, to pack and catch the train back to London.

Back in the big smoke, we went up the London Eye, a huge ferris-wheel in the centre of the city. It was a lot of fun (see the photos), it was clear half the time and rained the other half, so we got some crystal clear photos and some spooky, misty ones. Neat, huh!

After that, we met up with Kate's cousin Shannon and her boyfriend Matt for tea at a Mexican restaurant, and a good old chat. And then headed back to our hotel for our last night in the UK.