The Bandit, the Bard and the Bonnie

Tuesday 17 July, York to Charing

The first stop was Sherwood Forest, of Robin Hood fame. One of the saddest bits for me was seeing the formerly great Queen's Oak, which was once proud and mighty, but is now supported by poles to stop it collapsing. The whole place was beautiful, peaceful and green, and Kate and I could have spent hours there, but Jimbo wanted to get to the next pub, so after about an hour we left for a nearby town for breakfast at the bakery and photos of the Robin and Marion statues.

Next, though, was Stratford upon Avon. Being a bit of a Shakespeare buff, this was my Graceland. We wandered a bit, saw his grave in a church and a theatre there, where the RSC had a costume display. We wandered that for a while, and then back on the bus, heading towards Oxford, with a game of Bus Bowling on the way.

Oxford was only a short stop, and it was raining, so we didn't do much - Kate bought a T-shirt but that was about it. Jimbo was a little late with the bus but I had some exquisite local dark chocolate to keep me company, so I wasn't that upset. And then we had the last leg into London, with the farewells, photos, and swapping of email addresses.

As everyone went their assorted separate ways, Kate and I made our way back to Charing, where Jane was waiting with her brother-in-law James and his daughter Bonnie (our neighbours from Adelaide) and a quiche with real, fresh veggies in it (may the Lord bless Jane and keep her forever!) We ate, had a tickle-fight with Bonnie using socks for swords, and attempted to come to terms with her creative naming system for her artistic creations, and then we slept.