The Rain in Britain falls Mainly in the Lakes

Thursday 12 July, Bangor to Lakes District

We picked up the tour again, and the first stop was a Welsh town with a very long name. We got the obligatory photos and set off via a lovely little river (with Tom Jones' house in the middle of it) for Liverpool.

Liverpool was - well, it was a city. If you're a Beatles fan, it's your private Jerusalem. If not, it's the city where they do the weather from each Friday, on a little floating map of the UK in a river. Being neither Beatles nuts nor weather freaks, we just wandered around a bit, then headed back to the bus.

Next stop was the Lakes District, which was very pretty but a bit wet when we were there - the first rain we'd seen since Dublin. We settled in to the hostel and washed some clothing (for the first time since the first stop in Dublin!) and watched Big Brother and Airport on TV while waiting for the clothes to dry.

Then we wandered the streets, and managed to get lost (despite there being only three streets in the town) and bought some pasta at the local supermarket for tea, before hitting the sack. Another lovely place we'd like to spend more time in some day.