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Wednesday 11 July, Dublin to Bangor

Breakfast at the Avalon paper bag breakfast room, where Kate and I bumped in to Monique, Albert and Cathy, then trains and ferries back across to Wales. The train station reminded me that there's no escaping the Wizard... and we got two bottles of Shamrock Cream and another OBriens chicken and bacon sandwich on the ferry. Yum, yum and more yum!

We got in to Bangor railway station and caught a taxi to the B & B, where we waited over an hour to be let in... grrrr! and it was a twin, when we'd asked for a double! Grrr again! Oh well. We got a bus in to town, where we changed some North Irish pounds sterling for local stuff and I got some clip-on earphones for our portable CD player. We had tea at Fat Cats, which was kinda fun, and bussed home.